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A letter from our president

“Sigma Delta Tau empowers each member to reach her fullest potential,” a line from our mission statement that I strive to work towards each and every day.


Sigma Delta Tau has become one of the most memorable parts of my college experience here at American University. I was welcomed and now am proud to be a sister. The sisters of the Gamma Delta chapter have been by my side through thick and thin and have never failed to support me. This chapter has allowed and fostered personal growth and provided me with memories that I will treasure for a lifetime. I am so thankful for my sisters that push me to the best version of myself, face my fears, conquer challenges and be their leader. 


We embed leadership, philanthropy, inclusivity, and scholarship into everything we do, enriching the environment where we create unforgettable memories and foster lifelong friendships. Every day, I am inspired by the women around me, who push themselves to be the best students, interns, volunteers, and leaders, while continuing to provide unconditional support to everyone in the chapter. The women, I proudly serve, have some of the biggest, most open hearts; they continue to fight for what they believe in and never fail to make me proud.  


Sigma Delta Tau was founded in 1917 by women who were excluded from the other sororities because of their religion, and to this day we strive to create an inclusive community for all. For the last 30 years, the Gamma Delta Chapter has created an organization tailored around individuality, engagement, connection, and community here at American University, and we continue to uphold these values within everything we do. 

The women of Sigma Delta Tau want to welcome you. 

We hope to see you soon!


Barb Kaminska 

President of Sigma Delta Tau - Gamma Delta Chapter