How you can help:


Comprehensive list of educational resources compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker (@sarahsophief) and Alyssa Klein (@dj_diabeatic): - Resources from BLM with ways to help and educate


DMV protests:


Petitions: - Justice for George Floyd - Justice for Breonna Taylor - List compiled by BLM of other petitions, as well as helpful information about signing


Donations: - Official memorial fund for George Floyd - A fund to combat mass incarceration - List of bail funds in different states - Black Visions Collective - Nonprofit independent media organization - List compiled by BLM of other important places to donate, as well as information about donating



Text FLOYD to 55156

Text JUSTICE to 668366

612-673-2100 for the Minneapolis Mayor

502-574-2003 for the Louisville Mayor - List compiled by BLM of other important numbers to call or text, as well as email templates and contact forms