Finding the Meaning in Our Mission: My Time as the Pandemic President

Before I began my term as the President of Sigma Delta Tau, I became a sister in the spring of 2019. My time as a new member inspired me to make a contribution to my chapter and during my time as Assistant Recruitment, I saw my potential and was empowered by my sisters to run for President. Past Presidents of our chapter said the role would impact me in ways I could only realize long after my term came to a close. I stepped into this role in 2019, the same year I became a sister because I felt empowered by my sisterhood. I was able to shoot for the stars because I knew my sisters would be there to catch me if I fell.

As my time as President comes to a close this Spring, I can identify three aspects of my life that have transformed since taking on this position in 2020.

First, I grew as a leader. I learned new levels of empathy, patience, personal responsibility, and delegation. I learned to lean on people when I needed help because I knew I couldn’t do it all on my own. I grew professionally, learning about my personal working style and how to effectively work with others and now center every aspect of my life around flexibility and compromise. When problem-solving in my Presidency, I grew to trust my gut more than ever because if I could not trust my own decisions how could my own sisters?

Second, this job, especially in a global pandemic, amplifies everything about one’s personality and as a result has given me more insight into myself, my strengths, and my weaknesses. I have learned that you can’t sweat the small stuff and you always have to celebrate the little victories. And most importantly, I understand my ability to persevere through hardship. When everything changed in March due to the pandemic I felt so much uncertainty about the rest of my term. Since then I have learned to take life day-by-day, and rather than getting bogged down by the struggles, I use them to evolve and grow. I was able to carry on because I had my sisters empowering me every step of the way.

Third, and most important to me, I learned how to be a better friend, sister, and member of society. I began to understand my role as a leader serving strong, influential, and intelligent people. I now understand what our individual members bring to the table and the positive influence they have on our world. I began to see far beyond myself, and that positive leadership of our chapter can have a ripple effect beyond our own optics.

One thing I have reflected on lately is, “If I could go back to March 14th, 2020, and tell myself what lies ahead, would I?” And for me, that answer is always “No!” I have experienced more clarity in my life this year, have felt supported by my sisters beyond what I could have imagined, and I now understand what’s truly important in life and to cherish every second. The hardships helped me grow into a stronger person and the highs were moments I’ll always hold onto. There is so much more that I could say about what this experience has brought me; however, after this is all said and done, Sig Delt is so much more than just me. I challenge everyone reading this to take something away from my experience.

I challenge you to…

  1. Push yourself beyond what you believe your limits are because you are the only thing stopping you

  2. Listen to those around you and learn from their experiences because they have so much to teach you

  3. Appreciate what you have been given in life and strive to create an equitable world for everyone

This position has allowed me to understand and experience the power of the mission of Sigma Delta Tau. I have been empowered to reach my fullest potential. I understand what it means to be enriched by the experience of my members with powerful ideals. I have built life-long relationships, and lastly, I understand my civic and ethical responsibility I hold as a member of society. I have and will continue to evolve and grow into the person I want to become.

Thank you, Sigma Delta Tau, for changing my life for good.


Your Pandemic President - Mikayla Harf

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